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Our external backlinking service is one of our most powerful SEO services employed for targeting high volume, high competition keywords. External backlinks provide greater domain authority to your website and means more people can find your website to buy your product or use your service.

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External backlinks that have a high domain authority (DA) and are niche specific to your business are the most effective in ranking your site on the first page of Google.

External backlinks provide search engines with a greater amount of trust and helps to identify how important your site is and where it should be ranked as a result. 

There’s many different types of external backlinks many of which can be harmful to your websites rankings so it’s important to use a SEO company who understands exactly what you need.


External backlink SEO services in NYC

Backlink Analysis

Before starting any sort of backlinking on your website we ensure we have done a full link analysis using software such as Moz for SEO analysis. We'll identify your websites current external linking structure and establish how we can optimise it.

Google Disavow

We use Google disavow tool to remove any unwanted external backlinks currently linking to your website, this will help increase Google rankings if you have many low DA, non-niche specific, high spam-score backlinks pointing to your domain. Ensuring your backlink profile is strong makes a significant difference to your SEO and increasing your online Google rankings.

High DA Backlinks

Ensuring we provide high domain authority (DA) backlinks to your website is very important for SEO and will help increase your rankings. Understand how we can help increase your Google rankings today through our SEO methods.

Niche Specific Backlinks

Niche is the type of business or service your providing, if you are selling sports items, you'd want as man sites to do with sports and sports items linking to your website, this is a simple example that can be applied in almost any category.

Do-follow Backlinks

Do-follow backlinks are important to have as it shows that website has made a conscience decision to link to your website, a high amount of non-followbacklinks can appear "spammy" to Google and your website will not receive the full rewards it should.

Social Media Backlinks

Social signals and multiple social media backlinks are useful for increasing your website trust score in the search engines. Ensuring your information is consistent across different platforms is very important for SEO and search engine ranking.

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