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Just Clout provide Mobile Optimization services in NYC. If you require SEO services then ensuring your website is compatible with mobile devices forms a large part of that. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) helps speed up website page load time on various devices and helps improve user experience on your mobile device. 

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Mobile optimization is important for SEO because it effects factors such as bounce rate, load time, user experience, website functionality and SEO rankings, understanding that more online users are searching from mobile devices is important so you can provide a functional and easy to use experience for potential customers. 

The better your websites mobile usability becomes the better the positive SEO factors for that service becomes and the more help that can be provided.

Just Clout SEO improve your websites mobile usability while ensuring other factors of your website are not compromised in reaching this goal.


Mobile optimization SEO services in New York


Accelerated mobile pages help to decrease the time mobile pages take to load. Understanding how to implement AMP on your website is important for mobile optimization and SEO.

Bounce Rate

A mobile optimized website will have a lower bounce rate, the bounce rate is how any users click on your page and click off, it;s bad to have a high bounce rate as it means people aren't finding your page useful for their search query. Optimizing your websites mobile pages can help decrease your bounce rate, which is good for SEO.

Load Time

Load time is the time your webpage takes to load, the shorter the load time the better the user experience and the lower the bounce rate.

User Experience

If your page loads quickly and has good mobile functionality then this would therefore improve user experience and increase the users page time.

Page Time

Page time is the amount of time a user spends on your page, the longer the page time, the better your rankings as this indicates to Google that your page is solving peoples queries when they enter it onto Googles search engine.

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